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I'm a responsible investment professional, with about six years of experience in Canada and (more recently) in the UK.  I believe that investments can be more than a passive source of capital.  Investors can be empowered to put their investment portfolios to work to create sustainable economic growth built on corporate accountability, environmental stewardship and respect for human rights.  I've  developed an expertise in 'shareholder engagement' because I think it is a powerful tool for creating change at the corporate level.  

What is shareholder engagement you ask?  Quite simply, its the process of shareholders (pension funds, investment managers, endowments) starting a conversation with companies in their portfolios about environmental, social and corporate governance issues that concern them.  I like to look at issues that not only have an impact on people and the planet, but that also affect the corporate bottom line - whether through direct financial loss, potential risks to the company's business, damage to its reputation, or restrictions on its social license to operate.  By 'engaging' with companies, investors can be important catalysts for change.

All thoughts written on my blog, twitter and other social media are strictly personal.

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